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About Me

I have always had a passion for teaching golf and watching new and experienced golfers embrace the game. I bring a professional, approachable, supportive and friendly style to golfers of all levels, and I endeavour to understand the needs of individual players so they both learn and enjoy their time with me.

I played golf at County level, representing the Junior and County Ladies teams. I also competed at Regional and National level until deciding to qualify as a PGA Professional and dedicate myself to coaching. 

At Parkstone, I established the hugely-successful Parkstone Pink Ladies Golf Academy as a way for female golfers to be introduced to the game in a friendly, un-intimidating and social environment, and as a stepping-stone to full Parkstone membership if you wish. I am also a permanent fixture of the Junior Academy having been a key part of its growth and was instrumental in setting up the Sunday Girls Academy so I can spread my own passion for the game to the next generation.

I am a member of the Women & Golf team, contributing tuition videos for their members. I also contribute articles to magazines such as National Club Golfer and Ladies Golf Lifestyle.

Experience, Partnerships and Qualifications

Taylormade Women's Advisory Board


I am one of twelve ladies in Europe selected to sit on the TaylorMade Women's Advisory Board, helping them shape their brand and equipment for women’s golf.

Trackman 4 Dual Radar Technology


I am a Trackman Level 1 and Level 2 Certified Professional and my Trackman 4 is available to use in all lessons if you wish.

Titleist Performance Institude (TPI) Instructor


Although it would be great to have the perfect swing, the reality is that most people's bodies and muscle tightness does not allow them to get into the 'perfect' positions. The journey to a perfect swing needs to be balanced with understanding where your bodies limitations are; young or not-so-young.

I can give you an initial screening to determine your golf fitness and help you build a plan to improve your physicality, adapt to a swing that works for your personal body limitations, or a bit of both.

Golf Psychology Coaching Certified

Screenshot 2019-11-13 at 18.03.25.png

The importance of golf psychology is now understood to play a significant role in achieving peak performance in golf and all sports. I achieved my Golf Psychology Coaching Certificate, giving me the skills to help players to understand and tune their mental resilience when out on the course. If you have found it hard playing under pressure in competitions or composing yourself after a bad hole, get in touch and I can help you apply the right mental techniques to keep in focus and control and improve your scoring.


Session 1 - Discuss how and where you are struggling with your golf game, then introduce you to some methods that can be applied during your game.

Session 2 (optional) - A 5-hole course lesson where we will look at your approach to on-course situations and how you handle them.

Frankly Certified Putting Instructor


Putting equates to 40%-50% of most golfers scores, making it the most important skill of the game. However, it is also one of the most neglected parts of the game when it comes to practice!
If you are struggling with getting long putts to the hole, missing too many 3 footers, or unsure whether your putter is fitted right for you, focussing on this part of your game will have a big impact on improving your scores.

Dorset County Academy Programme Coach


I am a coach for the Dorset County Academy Programme providing a winter training programme for U14 Boys.

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